New ad pushes the fantasy paintball boundaries

by michael on July 12, 2010

in Paintball News

EuroMillions Paintball Advert

We were chuffed to bits when we saw the latest EuroMillions TV ad campaign. Starting off with a real Apocalypse Now-vibe, helicopters circle an island, before jet skis land on the beaches and masked teams of supposed military types battle it out in the jungle, getting targets within their sights. All very ominous, until the first paintball is fired that is, and you realise that it’s all an incredible game of paintball. Made by award-winning creatives AMV BBDO, the advert’s hilarious (as you can see for yourself below) and, given millions of pounds to play with, we’d probably do much the same! We’re keen to see if there are any more “If I won the EuroMillions I would do THIS!“ ads in the series, or if extreme paintball’s the greatest thing their creative brains could come up with? It should be, it looks a lot of fun. I wish paintball birthday parties were like this!

See for yourself below. It’s very much a “If EuroMillions made paintballing, it’d probably be the best paintballing in the…”. But of course, they’re not allowed to say that.

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