Operation ‘Escape The Fringe’

by michael on August 22, 2010

in Paintball News

Edinburgh Festival crowd

So another Edinburgh Festival weekend is drawing to a close and, as much as I never thought I’d hear myself say (or think) it, sometimes it all gets a bit much. The city’s great this time of year and, during August, there’s no place better to be than Edinburgh, but the crowds, the queuing, the deluge of flyers and the late nights don’t half take their toll.

Despite the fact that Scotland becomes the culture capital of the world for the month of August each year, Bedlam Paintball Edinburgh‘s still been as busy as always with people escaping the city and heading to our woods for some action. I’m not sure whether it’s players just making the most of the good weather or instead needing a tonic for all craziness of the festival, but it got me thinking about how paintball can be quite the stress reliever. It’s a topic I’m keen to look more into, as I’ve read various blogs suggesting the same thing (not to mention Google’s latest take on the subject), and I don’t think there’s any denying that a few games with mates is certainly great for helping you unwind after a busy week’s work.

Some people enjoy a few rounds of golf, others like hitting the gym or take a yoga class and, for many, a night on the tiles is just the thing for rounding off their week; but I’m keen to know if any of you ever head to a paintball site to clear the head via a few hopper’s worth of paint?

‘Cos, to me, that sounds like a great idea!

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