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Our Top 5 Paintball Stocking Fillers
Beat Black Friday with Paintball Stocking Fillers

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Black Friday is coming – but here is the salvation.

It still seems a little early to be chatting about Christmas, but with only a few days of November to go, we’re fighting a losing battle ignoring it any longer. Apparently one day stands out from all the rest on the run up to Christmas as it marks the ‘official’ start of the festive shopping period – and that day is the last Friday in November. Otherwise known as Black Friday. Despite the name, it’s origins aren’t quite as fearsome as you’d think, it just reflects the one day of the year when shop keepers in the ‘70s (when the phenomenon started) could comfortably sit ‘in the black’, meaning profit.

So if you’ve not yet started your festive shopping, there are still a solid 3 weeks minimum to go, but here’s a few pointers to help you buy some pocket-sized paintballing equipment for that enthusiast you know and love.

1. Red Dot Sight

There are a number of pretty decent red dot sights that won’t break the bank, perfect for improving their accuracy and giving them an instant ‘I mean business’ look.

2. Mini Paintball Marker

Nothing says Merry Christmas like the gift of being able to play paintball indoors. This mini marker fires real (easily washable) paintballs and, amazingly doesn’t need CO2 or compressed air? The gift that keeps on giving.

3. Camouflage Paint Stick

Get that authentic GI look with a couple of sticks of army surplus camouflage paint. Compact, convenient and cunning.

4. Paintballs

Trust us, there is little a paintballer will want more this Christmas than paintballs. They can never have too many. Find out their brand and grab a couple of small tubs full.

5. A pocket-sized paintball maintenance kit

Here’s a good one. Cheap and cheerful, these great stocking fillers have almost everything they need to keep their marker and goggles in check. Throw in a spare 9v battery and the kit’s pretty much complete.