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Outdoor Lasertag powered by Bedlam

It’s the game of tag like it’s never been played before!

Laser Tag is an exciting combination of tag and hide & seek with a little Star Trek thrown in for good measure. Players compete in teams to find and tag their opponents using high-tech lasers. You can play outdoor lasertag  in Scotland  at Edinburgh Glasgow and Aberdeen, we also have over 40 locations in England. We also have over Obstacles on the battlefield create opportunities to hide and ambush opponents. With a little bit of strategy, some quick wits (and even quicker reflexes) your team will emerge victorious. It’s a blast for kids from 8 to 80, and an awesome way to boost office morale.

The laser-guns use a harmless infra-red beam, similar to a TV remote that tags sensors worn by each player The Taggers we use is called the Predator which has realistic sound effects with real scopes to help line up your targets.There is no impact with Laser Tag. Laser tag is fast and furious, but above all it’s fun.

There is NO projectile involved with outdoor laser-gaming, No goggles, No masks, no protective gear needed. We recommend each player to wear suitable clothing that is appropriate for the weather, long trousers, and full covered sturdy footwear, no crocs or backless or toe-less shoes

Laser tag attracts a much broader market as there is no brusing, unlike paintball, where all sexes enjoy the game.

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