Oxfordshire paintball: Moving up in Paintball

by Anna on January 20, 2012

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Bedlam’s Oxfordshire paintball team provides this short course about moving up in paintball.

“Come on move up!”  When you happen to hear somebody shouting that on while you are playing paintball, they’re not trying to live up a World War Two moment; they are actually trying to help you out. A crucial factor in winning a paintball game is to Move up on the field. However, we do understand that this game is played on field that also has X and Y boundaries. Now, it does not take a genius to tell you that if the field is only so large, whichever team owns more of the field is going to be victorious and that is what moving up does or more correctly that is what effective moving up does.

What you are doing when you are moving up in paintball is that you are taking angles away from your opponents. Another reason why we do moving up is that it allows you to gain angles for your team, you are taking more real estate for your team and quite frankly, it is players do agree that it is a lot more fun to move up than to just hang back all again.

Oxfordshire paintball: How far do you have to Move up

Obviously you should not just go sprinting up the field, unless it is in extremely extraordinary circumstances. But a couple of rules of thumb; the first is, if nobody is shooting at you, chances are nobody has spot you.

It is also nice to try to keep the three second rule in mind before you move up and that is “how far can you move in three seconds?” They say that it takes around three seconds for the opponent to see you, so what have to do is to bring the paintball gun as you start moving up there and start shooting; that is if they are not looking at you.

However, if your opponents are looking, what you have to do is to give yourself some cover fire. That means, before you go out there, you should shoot paintballs at the opponent to make him duck for approximately two to three seconds. That will probably be enough to at least buy you around two to three seconds. That is enough time for you to go out from your bunker and move up to the next.

Another opportunity for you to move up is when nobody can see you. If you are playing in a paintball field with very high grass or thick tree cover, or any type of field where you can you think you can get the stealth advantage take it.

There are times that when players are moving up into a new bunker, they sometimes find out that it is the worse place that you ever really wanted to be. Instead of hiding there and wait for the game to end, make the best of it.  In any circumstances, NEVER stop in the middle of nowhere and begin figuring out what options you have. Just go all the way, and do not stop.

In some instances that you don’t feel it is right to start moving up. For example; when you know that two or more opponents are shooting at you, which is definitely not a good time to move up. This is the best opportunity for you to talk to your team about those guys hitting at you are and then they can flank.

If you’d like to know more about paintballing in Oxfordshire, you may visit the Oxfordshire paintball page.


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