Tournament Paintball Rules that You Want to Know

23 June 2012

Here are  another indispensable post from Anna @BedlamPaintball, as she discuss these very important tournament paintball rules that can cause player disqualification. As the 2012 PSP Chicago Open comes to an end, many people are getting more and more teams are interested to join the next PSP leg. But before doing so, here are some […]

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Basic Paintball Rules

22 June 2012

Knowing some basic paintball rules will make your first game much more enjoyable. So, Anna @BedlamPaintball brings you basic paintball rules that will help you on your way. Eliminations and Markings According to the American Paintball League’s rules for tournament paintball, “A player is eliminated from the game when he is marked anywhere on his […]

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How To Manage Sunburn and Welts

21 June 2012

Since paintball is a physical game which is most often played in an open field, the most common conditions that a player may experience are sunburn and welts. Anna @BedlamPaintball, will give you tips on how to prevent and treat them. They say, there is always a “PAIN” in “PAINtball”. Well, I’ll be lying if […]

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2012 PSP Chicago Open starts tomorrow

20 June 2012

As promised, Anna @BedlamPainball will bring you the latest news and updates on paintball events in and out of UK. So, here’s the update for the 2012 PSP Chicago Open that will start tomorrow. The 2012 PSP Chicago Open officially starts tomorrow (June 21, 2012) and ends on Saturday (June 24, 2012). The event will […]

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Extreme Bedlam Package: A Joint Stag and Hen Party

17 June 2012

We receive many emails everyday from our clients, one of the most recent we have is from an event coordinator named Denise. We had her and her friends last week at Bedlam Edinburgh as they celebrated a joint stag and hen party with our Extreme Bedlam Package. Below is her post about their experience. Let […]

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Paintball Safety

16 June 2012

Many people are scared to try paintball because of safety concerns. Well, let me tell you that sedentary lifestyle is more fatal than playing paintball as Anna @BedlamPaintball discusses paintball safety. The chance of getting seriously injured while playing paintball is on a par with getting seriously injured while bowling! Bicycle riding and golf both […]

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