Paintball 2011: New Year’s Resolutions

by michael on January 7, 2011

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New Year's resolutions

As I was wishing you all a Happy New Year the other day, I got chatting a little about New Year’s Resolutions and, predictably, how they’re notoriously hard to stick to. It’s quite a popular topic at the minute obviously, as hundreds of blogs and magazine covers will testify to, so I thought I’d try and see how it related to paintball.

For those of you who are already disciples of the game, there’s no point telling you the many things which are great about paintball, but for those of you who have perhaps only played once or twice, or reckon 2011 is the year to give it a try, this one’s for you. So, how can paintball fit into your new year’s resolutions then? That all depends on what you’ve got planned for this year. If it’s trekking in Guatemala or joining the local choir, then I’m afraid there’s little we can do to help, but if you’ve jotted down that you want to get fit or spend more time doing something you enjoy then paintball could be just the solution. Let’s look at the obvious benefits to adding a little bit of paintball to your life.

Increased cardio = calories burned

Paintball is a very physical game which, luckily, almost anybody can do. You don’t need to be able to run for barely any distance at all, as instead it all revolves around short, rapid bursts of movement. Over the course of a day or half dozen games, you’ll probably make dozens or hundreds of quick bursts of energy so, without realising it, you’ll be burning calories and getting your heart racing. Far better than a treadmill, right? If you want to lose weight, playing paintball once or twice a month will certainly help or, to look at it another way, it’ll help you eat whatever you want without having to worry too much about it!

Get outside, it’s Scotland for goodness sake!

Yes paintball appeals to that great Scottish (or perhaps British?) sensibility that if something’s good indoors, then it’ll be even better outdoors. Seriously though, nothing beats getting out into the woods to make the most of the natural game zones that the terrain provides. Even if you’re not a particular outdoorsy type, paintball is almost guaranteed to get you itching to be back in the zone, behind that log. The beauty of paintball is that you don’t even need that much space to play a great game, it’s easy to get your pulse racing by just playing strategically over a small stretch of woodland. Plus fresh air is good for, that’s what our mums’ always told us anyway.

Take responsibility back into your own hands

Every team needs a leader. Some of us are born leaders (Hannibal) and others need to be given the opportunity to shine. Paintball gives you that opportunity, and it also encourages players to think as a team in order to overcome goals. You can sit through hours of corporate presentations and motivational talks but, when it comes to developing your problem solving skills, there’s no better place to get results than in the paintball field. Never before has making mistakes been so much fun but, when a mistake can cost you a shot in the backside, you soon start to get your brain focussed on how best to stay in the game.

Whatever you do, just be part of something

I remember when I was growing up, a big reason for joining the football team or whatever was not to play the game or get some exercise, but it was to be part of the team, part of the gang. Now that I’m a little older, I miss that feeling of being in something with my mates – all of us with the same goal and same motivation to succeed. But paintball gives you all that, and a lot more. For building team moral nothing beats it, seriously. Put a dozen office workers who barely even know each other’s names into a paintball game and they’ll come out as proper team mates, watching each other’s backs. This sense of throwing yourself into a battle, overcoming the odds, getting out of a tight squeeze and getting the drop on the opposition whilst your team maintain cover so you can storm the base? There’s no rush quite like it!

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