Paintball can literally change history

by michael on October 6, 2010

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Paintball Civil War Reenactment

Isn’t scenario paintball just great? It’s like a guilt-free way of not only shooting your mates, but also living no doubt several childhood fantasies at once. Fancy being James Bond for the day? No problem. Watched Dawn of the Dead and now want to try your hand at slaying flesh-eating zombies? Coming right up. But here’s a new one for you: what about historic battle re-enactments? Hmmm?

I’m pretty sure they’ve yet to make it across the Atlantic, but Stateside, paintball games based around famous historic battles seem to be taking off right now. We’ve all seen those fairly nerdy re-enactment groups hanging around public parks and the like, fighting out choreographed battles in chain-mail armour with wooden swords haven’t we? This is nothing like that.

Based on videos like the one below, these well-organised battles seem to be pretty action-packed, with armies, generals, ‘wounded’ soldiers, pretty lifelike uniforms and makers, and even tanks!

One particularly elaborate event saw up to 4,000 paintball fans recreate the storming of the beach at Normandy. Absurdly detailed, this battle involved armoured personnel carriers, jeeps and even an entire beach that had been taken over by players dressed as either US troops or Nazi soldiers.

In California, paintball battle events have taken a more old-school turn with history repeating itself at a fully-fledged Civil War re-enactment. Instead of flying musket balls though, it was purely paint that was separating the north from the south.

It would be great to try and organise some kind of big battle over here, anyone got any ideas for a theme or anything?

  • J-L

    Actually, “proper” re-enactment battles take place on the actual site of the original battle (or near enough), so in that regard paintball re-enactment battles would probably not be possible as most of these sites are protected.

    Personally I think futuristic-type battles would be much better suited to paintball (think Stormtroopers, you can’t miss a hit on those white suits, and it has the added bonus of coming with a mask ;))

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