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by michael on August 26, 2010

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Fuzzy geared up for some paintball

You might remember last month I spoke to Kyle from Bedlam Paintball Aberdeen? Well it was such a good wee insight into what happens on a paintball site that I thought I’d catch up with another of our most popular paintball marshals. This time it was Wayne “Fuzzy” Lyons who got the questions fired at him! Some great answers I’m sure you’ll agree too…

Again, think of this as a bit like Cribs but without so many televisions…

Hello Fuzzy! Tell us a little about yourself

I’m 21 years old and everyone knows me as Fuzzy, I’ve been working at Bedlam Paintball Edinburgh for over a year and a half now as a paintball marshal and, just like the rest of the staff at the site, we are there to make sure everyone that comes on to our site has a great day and is dying to get back and play paintball. I’ve always said if I get a hand shake off my group then I’ve done a good job and can go home happy. Oh, and no missing limbs! lol.

What made you choose to work in paintball for a living?

I love working at Bedlam because its such a big company, which helps us to keep up to date on all equipment and game zones. I love coming to my job each day for a number reasons. Since I started at Bedlam I’ve met so many funny and interesting people and my Facebook friend list has gotten so many people on it now; even had people on the street coming up to me and asking how I’m doing and how much they enjoyed their day! I also love it when stags come that are up for a lot of fun and a giggle.

What can you tell us about your site, Bedlam Paintball Edinburgh? Any favourite bits?

It’s hard to name just one as I’ve had so many great experience and great groups from all over the place. They all just good fun and always up for a giggle (even the shy ones come out their shell when I’m their team leader or just out in the zone with them pushing them to that win). The best day though was the Deep Sea World group: they were so much fun and a right good laugh, would welcome them and many others back any time (though still waiting on my swim with sharks!). As I said before, I love stag groups that come in and birthdays too, as they’re always up for a bit of target practice – in a safe but funny way hehe!

Sounds great Fuzzy, what’s happened recently that made your day?

It has to be a stag group I took out a few months back. They wanted to play hunt the stag As a rule we always make the stag’s best man go with him and we don’t give the poor guys any markers – we just tell them to run. The poor stag fell over and everyone got a hold of him. I’ve never seen someone try to run for his life so fast before ever! By the end of it all they loved it and the stag was all set for the wedding (hope his wife didn’t mind, lol)

You must see allsorts happening on site, what advice would you give someone who was coming along for a day?

It would be to listen to the marshals as they know the zones like the back of their hands. They’ve seen games won in record times, so if a marshal says run, don’t wait – just go J. Last thing I would add in is keep the masks down at all times for safety – you’ll have the best day of your life 🙂

Putting your job to one side, what makes paintball so much fun?

Want to have a great giggle and shoot all your mates? Well come play some paintball.

I’m guessing you love coming to work everyday?

Yep, I travel all the way from Fife to get to work – it‘s a long hour on the train but so worth it. Just because I know its going to be something new and exciting to look forward to when I get there. The motivation for me and the players is the win and, at the end of the day, nothing’s better than wining all your games. Hehe!

Back to Bedlam now, what made you choose to be a paintball marshal here?

Its staff, zones and safety. We know how to have a lot off good fun but in a safe environment.

Is there such a thing as an average day at Bedlam Paintball Edinburgh?

There is no such thing as an average day here at Bedlam – average just isn’t fun. We never got to where we are today by being average!

Is there anything you would love to see added to the experience to make it even better?

We’re looking into developing some of the zones a little further, to make them more challenging and dramatic, but that’s about it…for now.

Okay, we’re done. Thanks a lot Fuzzy, it’s been good chatting to you but, before we go, sum up the Edinburgh site in 5 words.

Fun, Safe, crazy, great experience

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