Paintball in a car: evolution of the game?

by michael on June 17, 2011

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Chevorlet Captiva with a paintball marker

I read an article recently which said how much fun paintball would be if you could play it from your car. Well I’ve posted a video up here before showing just that (and also just how bad advertising can sometimes be), but Chevrolet have gone one further with the launch of their new Captiva.

The American brand upped the ‘extreme’ edge of their new all terrain vehicle by strapping a paintball marker onto its bonnet. Dubbed ‘Car Paintballing’ (obviously), I think they’ve invented a new sport. Kind of. At the British launch of the car, guests were invited to step up into the driver’s seat and try their hand against another team of three suped up Chevs. Apparently the remote trigger is actually fired by the passenger, rather than the driver, so it’s not quite up to KIT standard just yet.

Unfortunately getting hit by a paintball whilst inside your big, metal car is probably far less thrilling that being on foot in the woods, though we certainly salute the initiative – anything having fun with paintball is fine by us!

However, the sad news is that, for some unknown reason, the paintball marker was only a temporary addition and won’t feature on production models. Such a waste…

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