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by Anna on April 21, 2012

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The reason you are reading this post right now is because, like me, Anna @BedlamPaintball, we love paintball. It has been a natural behaviour of human beings that when we are interested into something, we tend to explore every aspect of it. For example, when we like this certain celebrity, we follow them in their social sites; we patronize their movies, or Google their bibliography. I consider myself as one of the many people who do that.

Last time, I wrote about Celebrities Who Play Paintball. This time, let’s do a little review on the movies that’s about paintball or have paintball on it.

Paintball (2009)

paintball movie reviewDirector: Daniel Benmayor

Starring: Brendan Mackey, Jennifer, Matter, Patrick Regis, Peter Vives Newey

Synopsis: Eight strangers engaged in an intense game of experts-only paintball find their friendly game taking a terrifying turn when one member of the team begins playing by a different set of rules. It started as a remote raw battle of wits and wiles set against the backdrop of majestic wilderness. With each shot fired, the stakes grew higher. But something horrible has happened, and what was once a team sport has become a relentless struggle for individual survival. The danger growing by the minute, the combatants gradually come to realize that their greatest adversary may be the very game they set out to play.

Blackballed – The Bobby Duke Story (2004)

paintball movie reviewDirected by: Brant Sersen

Starring: Rob Corddry, Paul Scheer, Dannah Feinglass, Rob Huebel, Ed Helms, Curtis, Gwinn, Seth Morris, an DJ Hazard

Synopsis: Paintball’s first superstar, Bobby Dukes, led his team, the River Rats, to an unprecedented three consecutive victories at The Hudson Valley National Paintball Classic. On May 28, 1993, the River Rats were competing for their fourth “Classic” victory when disaster struck. Bobby, attempting one of his signature moves, was shot. Desperate to stay in the game, Dukes intentionally wiped the paint from his jersey, thus committing paintball’s most heinous crime. A zealous referee spotted the wipe and ejected Bobby from the game. The three-time champ was embarrassed, went to Venezuela, and left the game for 10 years while being the laughingstock of the paintball community. Deemed a cheater, disgraced and humiliated, Bobby disappeared.

Ten years later an older and wiser Dukes returns to reclaim his title and erase the memory of his tainted past. He enters the 2003 Classic but finds no self-respecting paintball player will be caught dead on his team. On the verge of giving up hope, Bobby joins forces with the most unlikely of allies… the referee that caught him cheating.

Now, the two improbable partners must recruit a team of paintball misfits and take back the Hudson Valley Paintball Classic taking place at Liberty Paintball in Pattersin, New York.

Splat! A.k.a In Your Face (2002)

paintball movie reviewDirected By:  Tim Tommasino

Starring: Keir O’Donnell, Kyle Walls, D’Destin Kauffmann, Michelle Borth, Stacy Matulis, Joey Acuna Jr.

Synopsis: A troubled teen with a penchant for paintball sees an upcoming tournament as his one chance for redemption in this tale of triumph from editor-turned-director Tim Tommasino. Todd Jarvis (Keir O’ Donnell) has incurred the wrath of a local bully, and his only solace is the game of paintball. When Todd catches wind of a high-profile paintball tournament that’s coming to town and learns that his rival has entered with the hopes of humiliating Todd on the battlefield, the fearless underdog straps on his gear in hopes of showing the bothersome bully that he’s not going to be a target anymore

There are many paintball movies out there, these three are just the ones I have seen. Among these three, I’d recommend “Blackballed-The Bobby Duke Story” the most. I’ll be posting more movie recommendations when I get to see other paintball films. Tell us about the paintball movies you have seen through the comment section of our blog site, our Facebook page, or twit about it in our Twitter.

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