Paintball myths: can they be trusted?

by michael on September 13, 2010

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The Truth is Out There?

Every great brand comes with its own myths and rumours. it’s a sign of prestige I think. The Beatles came under fire for suggesting Paul had popped it and, apparently, only two people in the world know the secret formula for creating Coca-Cola. Both of these are probably rubbish (certainly the former anyway), but it got me thinking about what sort of rumours haunt the paintball industry?

Here’s a few that I’ve heard in my time, maybe you’ve got some more?

The longer the barrel, the greater the accuracy

Is this true? Surely it depends on how far you’re aiming? Typically though, for long-range shots, a longer barrel will slightly increase accuracy, but this shouldn’t matter unless you’re the team’s sniper guy. In short, a paintball marker barrel doesn’t work the same as a gun barrel: so keep ‘em short for less friction and more speed. That’s what we say.

The better the equipment, the better the player

This definitely isn’t true. We’ve seen rookies walk through our gates and completely own die-hard players. In some sports this certainly is the case (Formula One seems like a good example?), but in paintball, a run-of-the-mill marker and cheap set of paintball goggles can go a heck of a long way.

Scenario paintball isn’t competitive enough

Try telling this to the teams we see at Bedlam Paintball Edinburgh every weekend. Or even to our marshals! Any team sport can get incredibly competitive, and scenario paintball just goes to prove that you don’t need league tables and poncy trophies in order to create a competitive, fast-paced team sport.

Paintball markers don’t need sights

This isn’t true either. What is true is that sights are rarely used in scenario paintball as they simply get in the way most of the time. Paintball is a fast, furious and adrenalin-packed sport which leaves little room for setting up long-distance shots. Many teams employ a token sniper, whose job it is to get crack shots from afar, but unless they have a distinct vantage point throughout the game where no one can get a clean shot in, there’s little point in relying on a sight. Use your instinct. Or ‘the force’.

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