Paintball Safety Tips

by michael on January 28, 2011

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Safety First

I’ve mentioned paintball safety dozens of times now, and to be honest you can never really discuss a topic this important too much. However our most frequently asked questions here at Bedlam are often to do with safety, and a simple Google search will show that ‘safety’ is a word frequently added to any searches on paintball. So I thought I’d break it down a little bit further and give simple, straight-to-the-point paintball safety tips, one by one. Apologies if you know most of this already, but better safe than sorry.


Goggles – There can’t be a more important piece of paintballing equipment than goggles. Getting hit by a paintball doesn’t really hurt, but getting hit in the eye could cause serious damage. Thankfully most places make it a rule that you have to wear goggles and cannot remove them during game play. Don’t ever be tempted to remove them in a game zone, no matter what the circumstances.

Safety catch – Most markers will have a simple safety catch. Use it. You might wonder what the point is, as you’re firing paintballs at everyone and you’re all wearing goggles anyway? But what if you trip on the way to the game zone and a stray paintball lands a nasty shot?

Other safety clothing – this includes anything from masks and even helmets, to neck covers, gloves (always use paintball gloves – a shot to the knuckles is not fun) and of course, overalls. Make the most of any paintball safety clothing available to you, as less pain = more fun!

Only use reliable gear – Ensure that your gear has been maintained and serviced by professionals that know what they’re doing. Everything should function perfectly and markers should be adjusted so that paintballs do not fire at a dangerous speed. This can be done by simply using a small chronograph – a standard scenario paintball speed is anywhere between 265fps and 300fps.


Follow all rules and instructions from the site safety marshals. It’s their job to guarantee your safety.

Enjoy yourself and consider other people’s enjoyment too (nobody likes a spoilsport).

Make sure you are completely happy and confident in how to use your marker before game play starts.


Never fire a paintball marker outside of a designated game zone during organised game play. Simple.

Don’t shoot people at close range, that’s when a bit of fun can turn into a nasty bruise or worse.

If you need to replace your CO2 or compressed air canister, or indeed dismantle or clean a marker, always make sure there are no loose paintballs in it and that the safety’s on.

Don’t fire frozen paintballs and, in winter conditions, check to make sure you’re using cold-weather paintballs.

So these are the basics but, to be honest, if you follow these then there should be no reason for your paintball experience to be anything other than fun, safe and exhilirating! Trust us, it’s worth remembering this small handful of bulletpoints, as the pay-off’s great fun!

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