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Paintball Scenario Game Fields

Since choosing a paintball game field is just as important as choosing your marker to enjoy the game, Anna @BedlamPaintball shows you the best Paintball Scenario Game Fields.

One of the main reason why I (and perhaps many others) am attracted to play paintball is because of the scenario games. Let’s face it, there will always be the child in us where we fantasize to be cowboys, aliens, cops, robbers, hunters, or even damsels in distress (for the girls). These games can be well lived if you play on game fields that are well set up for the specific scenarios.

In paintball, we all know that hiding spots and bunkers are crucial elements of the game because it allows us to better plan our strategy and actually get a good feel of the game. Here are some of the best paintball scenario game fields where you can let your imagination run loose.

#1 Woodland Paintball Theme

woodland paintball theme

Imagine yourself kidnapped; you managed to escape only to find out that you are brought in an unknown woodland. Your only way to survive is to fight back. You take cover from the tall trees and utilize other stuff in your surroundings to dodge bullets. This magnificent woodland is part of Bedlam Edzell paintball site.


#2 Mini Amazon Paintball Theme

amazon paintball themeImagine your plane crashed in Amazon forest, guerrillas are closing in, not knowing which way to turn. Complete with fallen trees, walking through shallow ponds, and camouflaging in the pile of leaves, you’ll surely love this Amazon themed paintball field.



#3 Fortress Invasion Theme

fortress invasion theme paintball

Want a real paintball challenge? How about invading a fortress? Invading a fortress is definitely not a walk in the park; consider the high and tough walls and opponents having the leverage of elevation.




#4 Warehouse Attack

warehouse paintball fieldEver dreamed of being a cop or FBI agent who raids dangerous warehouses filled with bad guys? Of course you need intense training for that. The next best thing you can have is paintballing in this warehouse-themed paintball field.








#5 Crypt Paintball Theme

crypt paintball gameMy personal favorite paintball scenario game is the Crypt game. It makes me think of Zombie Apocalypse and those many Zombie attack movies that I love to watch. Bedlam in Edinburg have this really neat Crypt game zone that has a very cool chapel and tomb stones that you can use as cover.