Paintball Tactics 101: Always play your position

by michael on September 14, 2010

in Paintball Tactics

Smokey paintball positions

I don’t watch football but I’m pretty sure the goalie would be in big trouble if he suddenly ran up the left-wing and went for the back of the net. Why? Well, even though he’s part of the team and, collectively, they’re all aiming for the same outcome, his role is very clearly defined: stop the opposition’s attempts at goal.

But have you applied this tactic to paintball yet? Many teams I see do, most don’t. I’m not sure why this is (probably something to do with the adrenalin kicking in and everyone just wanting to go hell-for-leather until somebody wins) but in paintball more than any other sport, there is plenty of room for allocating team positions. Following on from my last Paintball Tactics 101 post, here’s some more tried-and-tested tips from the front line.

If you get the chance to give the game zone a walk-through, always consider how the other team could use the terrain and vantage points to win. If they have three bunkers to hide in and two towers to shoot from, that’s at least five members of your team you will need to cover them. Not to mention more to defend and attack. A defence role is probably the most straightforward, but where this often fails is in numbers – so don’t let your team leader under-estimate how many defenders you will need.

Attackers are a little more complicated, as they can fall into a few further sub-categories. If you can manage it, having a good sniper in a superb, hidden vantage point can really help make or break the game and, likewise, allocating attackers to specific opposition members will really help clarify who’s doing what.

And the best thing? Well if you don’t like your position, 20 minutes later you can swap it in a new game. Try getting a footballer to do that.

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