Paintball Tactics 101: Make Stealth Your Friend

by michael on July 22, 2010

in Paintball Tactics

Using stealth during a paintball game

A couple of weeks ago I filled you in on the absolute must-do, bare essentials of how to stay alive for longer in the paintball field. I hope you took heed? Well, the newbies can perhaps sit this one out, as I’m going to be covering some of the more specific tactics which will hopefully make you even more of a paintball king amongst men.

To start us off, it’s important that an ambitious paintball player understands the importance of stealth. In case you haven’t noticed (where have you been?!), the new A-Team movie is out soon, so I’ll use their motto to illustrate my point of how important the element of surprise is in a game.

There is no Plan B’.

As I’ve said before, paintball uses much of the same base-level principles as a childhood game of hide & seek, but with added firepower, so the best way to tactilely get one over on your opponents is through the use of cover. Sure if you have a lot of support a group effort can be just as powerful, but if you’re a lone wolf in the pack, make the most of your surroundings.

To understand what stealth isn’t, then just look for the newbie in the game – they’ll usually be the one running around firing like a trigger-happy headless chicken. To make the most of the terrain, you have to access each move individually; look out for snapping twigs if you’re on a silent approach and make sure there’s a tree or barricade up ahead to dive behind if you get spotted. To take stealth a little further though, it’s the simple things that are worth bearing in mind. Do you need to reload soon? If so, this could be a little noisy and potentially give your game away, or is a reckless team mate over-eagerly trying to get your attention? A definite game changer.

Keep your body low, crawl if you have to, and move quickly and quietly when you do go for it and, silently but surely, stealth will soon start to work in your favour.

Hope this helps in your next game, let us know how you get on. For more tips, why not sign up to this blog my typing your email address into the subscription box?

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