Paintballing Safely: Different Safety Gears

by Anna on February 6, 2012

in Paintball Gear

Paintball is statistically the safest extreme game out there and even statistically safer than other casual games, in fact it is even statistically safer than lazily sitting in your couch the whole day and watching television (obesity is accounted for 112,000 deaths in the USA alone each year). The main reason why it is safe is because of the paintball safety gear that we are all advised to use. This article is a quick overview of the different safety gears to play paintball.

There are two important pieces of safety gear that you must have to play the game safely:

The mask

The mask is the most important safety gear to play paintball. It is a special paintball specific goggles that is composed of a hard lens, a full face mask, and ear protection. You cannot use tank goggles, chemical goggles, fashion goggles, or motorcycle goggles because these eyewear are just not designed to withstand the impact of a paintball. Also, they are not made to have this full seal around the face and around the eyes which is very important when you are playing the game of paintball. You can only use paintball approved goggles. Some people prefer to purchase cheap imitations that come with a “no safety guarantee” seal; thus it is highly recommended to use the genuine article.

The barrel sock

The next most important paintball safety gear that you can use is the barrel blocking device, specifically the barrel sock. It covers the nozzle of the barrel and it shows everybody the people around you that there is absolutely nothing coming out at the end of your marker’s barrel and if there is, it is going to be blocked by the barrel sock.

You may also use those hard plastic paintball plugs. Those are pretty safe as well. Just make sure that you don’t adjust them without the manufacturer’s instructions. Most gamers prefer to use the barrel socks because you can just easily remove them as you start the play and then put it inside your pocket so it doesn’t get lost.

Basically, just make sure that your barrel blocking device is on when you are in the parking lot and your mask is on when you are in the game field.

Other paintball safety gears that you may want to add to keep your paintball game safer are:

Breast Paddings

Breast paddings are applicable for women to protect their breast area. However, men may also use it to, especially those who have the so called “man boobs.”

Groin Protector

A lightweight groin protector may also be used to provide front protection on men because a paintball gun shoots a projectile of about 200 miles per hour.

Boots, Scarf, Camouflage

There are extra items that most people skip, but having these all on as you play paintball could make a difference.

Paintball is a safe game as long as you adhere to the safety policies that we have been using for years. Many rules may have been removed, added and changed, but one thing remained constant and that is the mandatory use of safety equipment, particularly the goggles and the barrel plugs.

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