Reading Paintball: Aiming the Target with Your Marker

by Anna on January 16, 2012

in Paintball Tactics

Bedlam’s Reading Paintball team provides this short course in how to properly aim your marker to hit your target.

reading paintballWhen talking about paintball guns, newbies usually ask “How do you aim it?” and usually coupled with the question, “how do you fire this thing?”. Many people thought that handling a paintball gun is like using a rifle or a hand gun. The thing is, there is no problem with the paintball gun, the concern will be the paintballs themselves.

The soft projectile balls that come out from the paintball markers are actually made of a colored paint that is enclosed by gelatin ball. These soft balls are not actually the most ballistic thing in the planet because aside from the fact that it is made from gelatin, paintballs also have dents and dimple in it with a seam down the middle.

Newbies who attempt to aim a paintball gun reported that it is like waiting for the perfect lunar alignment to aim, fire, and hit the target with your paintball. However, there are actually some cool tricks that you may want to consider to aim a paintball gun properly. Here are some tips from the Reading paintball team.

#1 Zen Aiming
It is a public knowledge that paintballs normally shoot between 50 to 70 feet. That being said, you need to learn and feel how a 50 to 75 feet shoot out looks like.  Most paintball gamers often use a technique called “zen aiming.

Zen aiming is a paintball technique where you place your finger parallel to the barrel of your paintball marker. While at that, the middle finger of your other hand should be positioned in your marker’s trigger. Wait for the right timing and when you gave the postion in its place, quickly shoot your target with your index finger.  When you have the skill mastered, you may have the option to bring your index finger down as well as to learn how 50 to 75 feet does shot looks.

#2 Sighting Down

When you think that “zen aiming” is not for you, you may also aim your marker on what we call “sighting down the line”. This technique is done by looking down at the top end of your paintball gun and look out. In any case you possess a center feed marker, you can actually practice the same technique along the side. The key here is you are actually just lining the point of the back to the point to front and hoping the ball goes where you wanted it to go.

If you wish to practice your shooting, simply go to a paintball field that contains the target range. Simply visit a paintball game zone that has an indoor firing range. To keep it more advanced, try shooting moving targets and keep that target’s whereabouts in your mind.

You may also take it a bit further by firing at moving targets, said our Reading Paintball team.

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