Safety Beyond the Mask

by Anna on June 10, 2012

in Paintball Gear

Paintball is considered the safest extreme sport there is due to the safety gears used during the game. Anna @BedlamPaintball discusses some of the paintball safety equipment beyond the mask.

paintball safety equipmentEvery paintballer know that no one is allowed to step on the field without their paintball mask on. The mask is like the seat belt of a car, ALL cars have it and EVERYONE is required to wear it. And if cars have other safety features like airbags and ABS (antilock brake system), paintballers also have the following add-ons to make the game even safer.

1. Footwear

There are a lot of recommendations about various kinds of footwear for paintball. Most players wear running shoes, sturdy work shoes, hiking boots or combat-style boots. Cleated paintball shoes are available in some paintball stores.

2. Gloves

Gloves come in various styles: full finger, half finger, and fingerless. Full fingered gloves give the best protection against impact. Fingerless gloves obviously provide the most control for rapid fire techniques like walking the trigger, etc. Try on several pair before buying as a good fit is very important. Ill-fitting gloves will certainly interfere with your ability to fire rapidly and accurately.

3. Goggle Systems

Goggle systems are getting more and more sophisticated every day. Some goggle systems have built in fans to prevent fogging. Some even have built in communication systems! These are especially useful for recball and scenario paintball games.

The most important thing to remember when buying goggles is that they must meet or exceed ASTM standards. This is for your safety and should never be compromised. If you have to spend a few more dollars to get ASTM certified goggles, it will be money well spent!

Another important thing to remember when buying goggles is to be sure they fit well and feel comfortable. Your goggles have to become part of you because you CANNOT take them off or lift them even for a second during a game. You have to WANT to wear your goggles.

Never make any modifications to the factory specifications of your goggles system. The mask and goggles must be made to work together. Do not try to combine parts from different systems

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