Seek and Destroy!

by michael on August 25, 2010

in Paintball Gear,Paintball Tactics

Ghillie Suit in action

Thinking back to last week, I mentioned that paintball can be a bit like a grown up version of hide and seek, but with more emphasis on the attacking and defending. Well, not always. Ever worn a ghillie suit? You would remember if you had. It may look a bit like Chewbacca but that suit above is a pretty good example.

They were first created by determined Scottish gamekeepers who were hunting for game and wanted the edge but, inevitably, the Scottish Highland regiment soon adopted the portable and extremely effective form of camouflage as an essential bit of kit during the Second Boer War. Today, ghillies are mainly used in paintball games and are ideal for snipers – the trick is to let the opposition walk straight past you, and then get them when they’re least expecting it. Like this!

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