Sick of boring office team building days?

by michael on September 30, 2010

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Forget boring team-building sessions

In this information age, where a few wee taps of the keyboard can solve pretty much any fleeting query, not matter how trivial, it’s sometimes tricky to properly tell the good information from the mush. Sure we’ve all wondered when Google Street View would finally incorporate Antarctica into its global mapping phenomenon, but when it comes to finding out the basic essentials it can often be a case of sifting through the dross first. Let us help.

Keeping employees motivated seems to be the holy grail of the business world today, especially as this so-called ‘information age’ has brought with it such awesome distractions as Facebook and *cough* Twitter. However we get a lot of teams coming through our gates on staff away days and corporate motivational weekends and, over the years, we reckon we’ve sussed out the difference between making them work and making them flop. It’s a subject we’ll come back to in the future, but for now here’s a few quick tips on how to get the most from a totally boss corporate paintball day.

The first clue is in the name. Team building. What works for one team won’t work for another, so every team needs to tailor its day’s activities to its individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Oh, and any activities need to be planned by someone outside the team; someone with experience in getting people psyched.

The best corporate or team building days need to have a balance in order to work. All work and no play makes for zero motivation, so remember to tick all of the boxes when planning a day. Though individual activities should be challenging and fun, some of them should stimulate the brain and others should push the body. And the best activities use both! When people are able to push themselves and see others in their team do the same to watch their back, it can motivate like nothing else. Not to mention the endorphin-rush you get after a burst of activity!

Though competition’s important, certainly in paintball, it’s not the be-all and end-all, though teams bond all the tighter when they have a common opposition – believe us. Corporate paintballing is perfect for building that team bond too, as each person in the team has a specific role to play in achieving the same goal; so trust, respect and camaraderie are part of the messy and fun package.

Anyway folks, this is just a wee taster of what to consider the next time you (or your HR rep) are faced with a potential dull team bonding exercise. You can thank us afterwards…

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