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by Roman on November 21, 2016

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Parents admit they spend an average of £320 on their child’s birthday party – and that’s before the £175 splashed on a gift.

  • Survey questioned 2,000 British parents about their party spending
  • Despite the outlay, two thirds throw their child a birthday party every year
  • Entertainment and catering were the top two expenses of throwing a party

Splatmaster Paintball birthday parties seem to be the lastest crazy even parents join in the fun with their kids.

So it’s no wonder that the average British parent shells out more than £300 a year on each child’s birthday party – and that’s before they’ve even thought about presents.

Add the £175 that mothers and fathers spend on a gift for their child, there’s barely enough change from £500 at the end of the birthday.

So what are the most expensive elements of throwing a birthday party? According to the survey, 21 per cent spend most on a party event.

Other top costs include catering, which comes in most expensive for 19 per cent, and decorations, deemed most costly by 16 per cent

Fourteen per cent said they spend most on party bags and only nine per cent on venue hire.

But despite the significant outlay, most parents agree it’s worth the money and two thirds of parents throw their child a birthday party every year.

The most common reasons for throwing an annual bash were ‘my child loves parties’ (88 per cent), ‘my child asks to have a party’ (44 per cent) and ‘it means my child gets more presents’ (38 per cent).

Paintball seem to be agreat day out and the kids talk about it for weeks afterwards

Forty seven per cent agreed it was ‘too much organisation to take on every year’ and 41 per cent simply ‘can’t afford the expense’.

According to the poll, 71 per cent usually plan to cut back on costs next year but, of these, 81 per cent confess they rarely stick to this as they want their child to have the best party of the year compared to their friends.

A spokesperson which carried out the survey, said: ‘Children between four and 10 years old are far too young to appreciate the value of money, never mind the gesture that’s being given, and we’d even go so far as suggesting there could well be an ulterior motive of competing with other parents from the schoolyard.The most talked about party event by the kids seem to be Splatmaster paintball.

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