Stuck in paintball tunnel vision?

by michael on October 18, 2010

in Paintball Tactics

Tunnel Vision

Image courtesay of Sandra Winiasz

Paintball tunnel vision. Don’t worry, it’s not a medical condition, but it’s definitely a symptom of playing fatigue. Let me paint the picture…

Yep, he’s in your sight. As soon as he moves left a bit you’ll have him. C’mon, just take a few steps away from that bush sucker!

However, you’re so busy focussing on shooting one guy that you don’t even notice that the action is kicking off elsewhere in the game zone. In fact, you’re so blinkered by the need to hit this one lone target that you’ve failed to notice that another player has made you their new target.

Like horses, paintballers get tunnel vision, or blinker vision, too. All it means is that, as soon as you take aim, you forget that the rest of the game is taking place around you and you get, how do we say it, a little obsessive over one target. Everyone does it from time to time.

Shake it off though folks, as it’s really easy to get out of and, once you are aware of it, your game will become a lot more fun too. You need to get used to only focussing on one target for a very short length of time before moving onto the next. The most fun way to do this is to simply multitask. Say you have three opponents within shot range; instead of just gunning for one, play some rapid fire between all three of them. Fire one or two quick shots at one, move on. Fire another couple of shots at the next, move on. Once you’ve aimed at all three, go back to the first guy.

Don’t worry if your strike-rate is below par, the important thing here is to keep your eyes moving about the game, with the end of your barrel following closely behind. You’ll hopefully find that that your aim starts to improve too as you begin playing at a far quicker rate.

Save those lone wolf sniper moments for when you know you’re in a good vantage point, until then keep your eyes on the game folks!

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