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by michael on June 30, 2010

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Take aim with good quality marker

In case you haven’t realised, we take our fun seriously here at Bedlam HQ and that means investing in the very best equipment the industry has to offer. I’m sure over the coming weeks I’ll talk you through all of the apparel we fit our players up with when they come to Bedlam, but I’ll start with the business end of things. The marker.

This bit of paintballing equipment is where it all started (as I mentioned the other day) and, for us, any paintball experience begins with a good, reliable marker. Needless to say, we’ve got you covered (in paint) when it comes to the good stuff, but why is having the right marker important and what can you expect from Bedlam? Well, read on…

Using compressed air or carbon dioxide, makers fire the little balls of glory which give this sport it’s name, and they go fast. We’ve hand-picked the best markers available, based on reliability, distance, quality, weight and ease of use, so everyone in the Game Zone has the same potential in their hands whenever they take aim. But to get a little geeky for a second, let’s look at what makes a good marker.

Barrel length is more important than it sounds in a tactical game of paintball, as longer barrels are generally quieter and more accurate. But then, in the thick of it, most paintball players around the world would opt for a mid-length barrel, as this gives good flexibility and increased manoeuvrability when the action kicks off.

Also, we only use the best quality paintballs too, which don’t break up unexpectedly (like the cheap ones do), so we need our markers to match them perfectly. This all adds up to a slicker firing mechanism and improved accuracy, as there is less friction in the barrel when you pull the trigger.

As I said, we take pride in what we do, so that means only the best gear passes our strict Bedlam taste test and, when it comes to markers, that can only mean one choice; the Tippmann 98 Custom. Super-reliable, easy to use and as solid as a Soviet tank, this classic piece of paintball equipment comes from an impressive pedigree of markers. Made in the good ole’ US of A (where the sport originated), the Tippmann 98 Custom is highly respected throughout the industry, easily customised and very comfortable to hold, so we’d be surprised if there is a more suitable marker for the job.

We just read that some markers were stolen from a depot in Croydon at the end of April too, so keep your eyes peeled paintball fans.

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