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by michael on August 19, 2010

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Stag party paintball

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As I mentioned yesterday, this is prime festival season here in Edinburgh and that means (surprisingly) good weather, late nights, laughs and lots of coffee each morning. But it’s around this time of year that we also get even more visits from a certain ‘paintball demographic’ that always brighten up our day: stag parties.

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about a stag party which just breeds an ‘indestructible’ mindset and, as a result, they always go hell-for-leather in the Bedlam Game Zones. I think this time of year they’re more popular in Edinburgh thanks to the festival though, as there’s comedy in every direction you look and the bars stay open ‘til 5 am. 5 AM.

I’ve been on a lot of stag dos this last couple of years, but not one involving paintball (yet – it will happen, of course) but I can totally see the attraction. It might be a bit of a bachelor cliché, but that’s for a very good reason; there’s probably nothing more fun than dressing up in fatigues, being giving all the firepower you need, getting flung into a custom-built, scenario-based woodland Game Zone and being told, by trained professionals, to start shooting your mates.

So, what’s your favourite stag party paintball story? C’mon folks, spill the beans.

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