The Future of Paintball??

by michael on August 12, 2010

in Paintball News


Hey folks,

I posted a tweet online a week or two ago about a cool video I found that showed a paintballing robot that this guy had built (and his poor little brother feeling the affects of getting a little too close!). Not sure if it’s a coincidence but, in the last couple of days, there seems to have been an online influx of paintball robots – each one scarier than the last.

Now anyone familiar with the Terminator back catalogue will tell you that this is how it all starts. Some guy innocently creates a machine that can hone in on and fire at a moving g target. Sure it’s fun, at first, but then before you know it John Connor’s being sent back through time to stop us all from having a good time with paintball markers.

I doubt very much things like this will ever be allowed onto any regulated paintball field (as that’s just plain unfair), but there’s no denying how cool these are! In fact, companies like Trossen Robotics even seem to be selling build-your-own kits. Your neighbour’s cat certainly won’t thank you for that though…

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