The name’s not Bond. James Bond.

by michael on July 14, 2010

in Paintball News

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Not entirely paintball related but just read some bad news and thought I’d share it. Obviously the ‘economic climate’ has affected loads of businesses across the world, and that includes MGM Studios, or The BondMakers, as I call them. Though the rumour has yet to officially go public, it seems that the pre-production work for the latest James Bond movie (James Bond 23, to give it it’s sequential name) has been canned due to lack of funds.

If we had the money we’d do it ourselves, as with Sam Mendes lined up for the director’s chair and Daniel Craig back in the driving seat, it seems unlikely it would do anything but sky rocket the franchise even further.

Oh well, we’ll just wait on Jason Bourne to reappear instead.

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