The Paintball University of Life

by michael on February 28, 2011

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The Paintball University

Imagine my surprise when a quick search of Google brought up something awesome called The Paintball University?! Unfortunately, it’s not quite how it looks and isn’t in fact a campus full of bunkers and bushes behind which you can spend a few years getting a Masters in Paintball. Instead, it’s a pretty comprehensive online paintball resource, which has recently been popping up again and again in paintball circles thanks to its paintball awards initiatives.

The most famous of these awards is the annual Paintball Man of The Year Award. It’s a pretty self explanatory award but interestingly the list of nominees is not only decided entirely by readers and industry reps, but it can include anyone (there’s a woman’s award programme too!) involved in paintball at all; not just players.

Anyway, the applications are still open for another day, so if you want to vote for your favourite paintball stars, go for it. The results should be pretty interesting too, as last year they covered a lot of people who have helped the sport grow in recent years, and even some creative types who have contributed to paintball’s ongoing success through great uses of online promotion.

The final winners will be selected by The Paintball University’s official Board of Directors (I wonder how you get that job?) and I’ll hopefully write a follow up blog announcing who made waves in the paintball industry in 2010.


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