The Scenario Role Players Guild

by michael on May 17, 2011

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The Scenario Role Players Guild

Everyone here knows what scenario game are right? I’ve discussed them dozens of times, so I hope you’ve been paying attention. Anyway, I’ve always mentioned scenario games in the paintball context (obviously) and had never really given any thought to the genre as a whole.

However, I stumbled across something called The Scenario Role Players Guide (thanks to 68Caliber) and checked it out. To fill in some of you in a little, role player games often fall under the title of “fantasy role player” games, and the name has traditionally been used to describe Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer and the like (and more recently their online counterparts – World of Warcraft anyone?). Similarly, the term ‘scenario games’ has become synonymous with paintball, to describe the type of paintball game that is played in a themed environment.

However, the two genres have been combined online thanks to the S.R.P.G. So far just a Facebook group, but I imagine a website is on the way, the group is made for real fanboy enthusiasts (some might say ‘geeks’) who can see the potential in incorporating RPG ideals into more mainstream pursuits. From a paintballing perspective though, the group holds some real potential, not just as a research and community hub, but also as a left-of-the-centre place where new ideas and initiatives can be thought up and rules can be bashed out. Traditional and online role player games have a far, far larger range of parameters, themes and rules than even the most advanced paintball scenario setup, so it makes sense to see how one genre can potentially help enhance another.

Let’s wait and find out!

In the meantime though, here’s how they describe themselves on their Facebook page (they obviously do a far better job than I’ve just done…).

“The Scenario Role Players Guild (S.R.P.G.) is the haven for scenario paintball players who wish to bring the ‘scenario’ side of scenario paintball games back to the forefront. A scenario based game is more than just a ‘big game with a theme’. It involves role playing, props, interactions, plot development, story arcs, costuming, and a host of other skills beyond merely running and gunning. The group exists to promote and support scenario role playing as a whole. This group is for that particular cadre of players who take it upon themselves to bring the producers’ stories to life, to engage the players as living props, and to ‘live the game’ in character for a weekend.”

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