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The Top 5 Most Common Paintball Mistakes


Morning everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! I’m going to start the week with a straight up, informative post about some of the more popular mistakes we see here at Bedlam. This isn’t necessarily aimed at the newbs, but hopefully by posting this I’ll be able to save some of you from falling prey to the same mistakes when you next go paintballing!

Not using your eyes

We see it so often. A player (usually new to paintball) stuck behind a bunker and afraid to stick their head out to see where the opposition is, in case they get tagged. Your eyes are your most important tool in paintball (and indeed life, probably), so always use them: that’s why we provide you with the best possible safety goggles! The rule generally is, if you spot your target before they spot you, then you’re ahead, so always keep on the look out and don’t always assume a slight peek will end up with you out of the game.

Afraid to move

The clue’s in the name. We call them GameZones or playing fields, not paintball bunkers. You’re supposed to move through each course, but unfortunately the impact of being flung into a paintball battle for a new player can often be enough to keep them rooted to the spot for much of it. Unless you’re a crack-shot sniper, you should always be able and prepared to move during a game, as the battle advances forwards or backwards, it never stays stationary. If you get penned in behind a bunker with fire from all sides, then it’s usually because you stayed still for too long.

Playing the wrong position

Likewise, newbies often make the mistake of forgetting what their position is and just free-styling it, hoping for the best. A classic mistake in paintball is to become too focussed on your own safety and forget about that of the team, and unfortunately it often only takes one weak link for a game to be lost.

Breaking the law

Or breaking the rules rather. When marshals read out the objectives at the start of each game, there are usually a small bunch of rules to go with each game; from how many hits it takes to ‘kill you’, to how long the game will last etc. Make sure you are listening when these are read out, as breaking them is all too common, and it’ll usually lead to you sitting the rest of the game out.

Using your ears (and mouth)

After sight, hearing is undoubtedly the most important tool you’ll have at your disposal during a game.
Unfortunately most new players neglect the importance of good communication and either don’t listen, or don’t shout. Worse still, they’ll forget the secret codes you’ve made up and simply shout something as game-changing as ‘Ronnie, there’s two guys creeping up on your bunker!’.

And a bonus one…

Suckering to intimidation tactics

Over time every player learns a handful of basic intimidation techniques and, when they’re used on force as a whole team, they can really tips the scales of power in a game. Typically though, it is advantages like this that take most players a while to learn and develop, so it’s unfair to expect a new player to be able to out-swagger the opposition on their first game. However, every player should know to expect a certain degree of bravado from the opposition, and know not to bow to it. Unfortunately, new players often struggle to find their inner aggression and as a result fall pray to their enemies efforts.