The Top 5 Must-Have Paintball Accessories

by michael on October 5, 2010

in Paintball Gear

Accessorised to the max

Every die-hard gamer needs to be prepared and, in this age of geekdom, being fully prepared for every eventuality is just another way of showing how much you love the pursuit of paintball. For some paintballers, taking part and having a wild weekend’s worth of games is enough but, for others, the need to immerse themselves in paintball’s well-equipped subculture is simply too strong.

I’ve recently been chatting about one or two handy additions to your gear cupboard that could see you raise more than a few eyebrows the next time you’re in the field, but this blog isn’t about the luxuries, it’s about the geeky essentials.

If paintball’s your passion, or if you want something to give a friend except the usual paintballing birthday parties, then here’s our top 5 accessories to chuck in your kit bag the next time you tool up.

Paintball maintenance pouch

We’ve all seen the bit in Full Metal Jacket where he professes his love for his weapon (despite there being so ‘many like it’), well keep that scene in mind when you buy your own marker. From anti-fog goggle spray to ‘hater sauce’ marker lubricant, a few simple bottles of stuff can keep your gear battle-ready for longer.

Spare battery

For a paintball game? Well yes, as many markers are what’s called ‘electropneumatic ‘. This simply means that they rely on both electricity and compressed air or CO2 to fire and, if your battery’s dead, your firepower might as well go out the window too.


A snap-on and stable bi-pod, like the RAP4 Quick Release, is just the thing to turn your marker into a superb sniper rifle. Efficient, compact and damn sneaky, your competition certainly won’t be expecting you to drop one of these.


Shoot too fast and your opponents will end up bruised and covered in nasty welts. Shoot too slowly though and your accuracy will be way off; so what’s the solution? Your very own chronograph. Grab a cheap pocket chronograph and get in to the habit of testing your marker before each day’s paintball. Make sure the other team remember to thank you though!

Spare CO2/compressed air

Like the battery, your marker is useless without enough juice in it. Just as markers go through paintballs quickly, they also suck up CO2 and compressed air at a fair whack, so make sure you have a spare in the trunk somewhere.

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