Time to flex those paintball muscles for summer

by michael on July 28, 2010

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Get fit playing paintball

So, the football’s finished, the tennis is finished, even the cycling’s finished. I wonder if all this top international sport has inspired anyone to get active this summer? Let’s be honest though, if fitness was supposed to be fun, they’d call it fun wouldn’t they, not exercise? However, we reckon we‘ve found the perfect balance with paintball – a day out that‘s so fun you don‘t even realise you‘re getting your exercise fix too, so forget everything you were taught in gym class at school, as we’re going to talk you through how to get the most out of a game of paintball.

Like any sport, as you soon as you start competing at any level, you’re expected to get fit, get in shape and train at your discipline. However this isn’t competitive paintball we’re talking about here, it’s just a fun day out with perks; so anyone can play, and everyone can benefit from it too. Don’t for a second think you have to be in shape to play paintball, or that it’s going to put you through your paces like ten rounds in the gym, ‘cos it won’t. But it will get your pulse racing, that’s for sure.

The average adult is recommended to try and get two or three 15 minute sessions of exercise a week, whether that’s a brisk walk with the dog or a cycle to work and back. But obviously life gets in the way of stuff like that, so we find that it’s better to forget the fitness regime and instead just focus on having a good time! The average paintball game is about 15 – 25 minutes, so if you play six or eight of them in day’s paintball, that’s a pretty good workout you’ve snuck into your day’s adventure! Or would you rather slog it out on the treadmill in the gym for an afternoon?

Those of you who play paintball regularly will no doubt testify to the activity’s fitness-enhancing side effects? The more games you play, the more you’ll start to notice your endurance level increasing, your breath becoming more constant and your stamina staying at a comfortable level throughout whole games. In short, it’s possible to get fit without even trying.

Maybe you play paintball already and you’re looking for some health tips on improving your game, or inflate those ‘paintball muscles’? Well, it’s a fact that running burns more calories per minute than any other exercise, so focus on building up the cardio so when you are in the thick of a Game Zone, you won’t be caught out of breath and off-guard. Though not nearly as necessary, if you’re serious about paintball then you’ll need good balance to aim with on rough terrain; this comes from having strong core muscles. Add a few extra sit-ups to your normal gym routine and you’ll hopefully see an improvement in your game. Apart from this though, it’s been proven that taking part in team sports is very good for releasing endorphins (the little bursts of energy which we get when we’re happy) and, contrary to popular belief, paintball is a very safe pastime compared to most other sports, even seemingly harmless pursuits like football and fishing.

See you in the Game Zone!

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