Tippmann use technology to get ahead

by michael on November 17, 2010

in Paintball Gear

Tippmann's new paintball locator app

Our favourite marker makers Tippmann have just announced their new iPhone app to go alongside an already pretty extensive product range. I’ve yet to check it out properly, but it seems to use MapMuse mapping technology to allow players and fanatics the chance to quickly find paintball sites and shops in the real world.

Sounds pretty good huh? Oh wait, just read that, at the minute, it’s only available in Canada or the USA.

Oh well, given Tippmann’s track record, I’m sure it’ll be launched over here any time soon. I think it’s definitely a good thing to see more brands getting involved in paintball in new and creative ways, as it keeps the game dynamic, interactive and buzzing online – pretty much just how it is when you actually play it too! This move is no surprise from Tippmann though, as they have always been forward-thinking in connecting with their fans (they were the first paintball brand to reach over 100,000 fans on Facebook), and fingers crossed they decide to follow it up with a UK upgrade soon.

This follows on nicely from their Product Showcase app, which lets players watch product videos, check out the entire brand catalogue online and view markers and equipment in action.

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