Top 5 Beginners Paintball Markers

by michael on January 6, 2011

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SmartParts Vibe

Thinking of making 2011 the year you finally get your own marker? If so, you’re in luck as there have probably never so many low-to-mid priced markers on the market. Online is still the best place to search, unless you’re lucky enough to have a specialist paintball store near you, but to start you off here are our top 5 good quality low-cost markers, perfect for beginners.

5. Proto SLG Not only the most expensive marker on our list, but probably also the most advanced too. For a beginner it’s quite important to keep things simple to let you get used to getting the most from your marker. But the SLG has snuck into this list thanks to its patented Spool Valve Technology, which means that the marker runs on a far more consistent operating pressure, so you get more playing for your compressed air – which will theoretically save you money! It’s got a self-lubricating force button and there are fewer markers out there that are this easy to disassemble.

4. Tippmann A5 Also at the more expensive end of low-priced, the A5 is the most efficient all-rounder on the list, with everything about it oozing ’high performance’. Its unique feed system is linked to its air system so, the faster you shoot, the faster it feeds the next paintball. Sounds simple but not many markers at this level offer a detail like that, which equates to a smoother firing experience and a quicker game. Also it’s a Tippmann, so a tank could run over it and it’d probably be fine.

3. Kingman Spyder MR2 Without doubt one the most popular markers out there, the Spyder MR2 is surprisingly hi-tech for a relatively cheap piece of kit. Taking influence from the competition standard markers further up in the Spyder range, the MR2 certainly looks the part and has enough military prestige to get your opponents second guessing before you even fire a single shot. With a removable stock, a scope mount and a double trigger, this is a very flexible marker indeed.

2. SmartParts Vibe Low price used to mean low quality, but not anymore. Getting a name for themselves as manufacturers who are always one creative step ahead of the rest of the industry, SmartParts have built a highly customisable marker at a price that won‘t shock your parents. Low pressure and accurate electropneumatic performance, combined with the ability to run on either compressed air or CO2. A great all-rounder.

1. Tippmann 98 Custom When it came to choosing the best high quality beginners marker, there really was no competition. The 98 Custom is famous in all levels of paintball as it is not only virtually indestructible and performs in all conditions, but it can be modified and adapted to suit any style of game, any style of player and any level of skill. No other marker can be customised as much as the 98, so you can forget about having to save up for your next one, you can just keep upgrading this. Easy to fix, easy to use and very accurate, for the price there simply can’t be a better option out there? That’s why it rules in the amongst the Bedlam game zones.

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