Top 5 Movies to re-enact with Paintball!

by michael on November 19, 2010

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Matrix Bullet Time

Here’s a wee bit of fun for your Friday afternoon. I was talking yesterday about how it would be cool to create a whole new paintball game or GameZone based on a classic boardgame or something similar. As much as I still think this would be totally awesome, especially if it became a bit of a feature, I’m a bit of a movie geek – so naturally I got thinking about what movies could make great paintball re-enactments!

Taking it movie by movie, I think these are perhaps the Top 5 movie scenes we’d like to see re-enacted paintball-style (in no particular order).

1. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

Okay not exactly an action movie or one with particularly well known fight scenes, but wouldn’t it be cool having a set made up of tree houses and rope ladders to play paintball on? Forget bows and arrows, swinging through the trees with a marker would be unreal.

2. The Matrix

It has to be the classic bank lobby scene here. Is there a single cooler gunfight scene ever? Doubt it. Not only did this scene top the entire movie and make Reeves into a bit of a legend overnight, but it’s been ripped off, parodied and reinvented dozens of times over. If imitation is the best form of flattery, then this scene must be at the top of the pile! Recreating it with paintballs could be problematic though…

3. Terminator 2

When John Connor tells his buddy the Terminator “do not kill anyone”, it seems that his request was blindly ignored as the big killing-machine heads towards the office bock window and takes aim on the dozens of cops, cars and helicopters in the car park below. However, pulling out his minigun (not so mini as it happens), he waits for them to scatter and then completely blows apart every car in sight. Though by no means a comedy scene, this will always go down in movie legend as being the scene where a machine (or Arnie for that matter) was able to show the nearest thing it had to ‘compassion’. Genius.

4. Heat

The scene where Val Kilmer and Robert De Niro are escaping from the bank robbery uses such realistic ‘run and fire’ techniques that apparently the LAPD used it to show new troops the correct way to escape from open fire. Though they don’t necessarily fare too well in the movie, it would be cool to have an urban style paintball setting, complete with cop cars and phone boxes to hide behind.

5. From Dusk ‘Til Dawn

Again an oddball choice, but not without its merits. Set in a huge bar/cavern, the idea of strapping on a well-filled marker and taking on a hoard of hungry ‘vampires’ sounds like great fun! What’s best about this movie’s fight scenes is that very few actual guns are used, instead the good guys just make the most of what they can find – with particular brownie points going to the crossbow. Much like how Disney Land turns movies into rides, it would be great if someone turned this movie into a huge big, terrifying paintball GameZone!

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