Top 5 Paintball Dirty Tricks You Must Try

by michael on March 9, 2011

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Top 5 Paintball Dirty Tricks

Okay so I’ve mention plenty of simple paintball tips and tactics in the past, but there’s nothing better than having a handful of sneaky little tricks under your belt that the rest of the team don’t need to know about. Paintball purists might call them cheating, but we say as long as you’re sticking to the rules and having fun, then all’s fair in love and paintball.

Spring is pretty much here in Scotland now – ideal paintball weather – so the next time you book a day’s paintball, see if you can incorporate a few more tips into your game to give you that edge.

1. Run out of paintballs?

Everyone does it from time to time. You get so engrossed in the game that, eventually, your hopper runs dry on you. Worst still, you’re stuck in a bunker and there’s still a good few minutes left before the game’s over. What do you do? Well, bluff your way out of there. It’s totally do-able and we’ve seen it done a million times. As long as your opponent think you have paintballs, then you might as well have them. Keep firing your marker, as the popping sound of the air escaping will make the enemy think you’re still loaded with ammo and still taking shots at them. You could use this technique to stay safe in your bunker or, if you’re really cocky, start advancing forward, letting off more invisible paintballs on your way. This works even better as a team – nothing’s more fearsome than the sound of lots of paintball markers going off at once.

2. Leave the fancy shoes at home

Most scenario paintball venues provide you with a standard jumpsuit. A lot of places will give you a nice dark coloured one, like navy blue or black, but occasionally you’ll come across a venue that for whatever reason thinks red is a good colour of clothing to play paintball in. In situations like this, and the former, don’t give your opponents any more opportunities than they need to get a hit, so choose the rest of your outfit wisely. Players are commonly spotted as their trainers will be sticking out from behind a bunker. To stop this, simply don’t wear shoes with any white or bright colours on them – much easier to hide your whole body this way.

3. Go sniper

A lot of scenario games focus on progressing forward quickly to secure the enemy’s bunker, so now and again it can be beneficial to go against the assumptions and do the opposite of what your opponents expect. In a game like that, pick a spot to snipe from, find a bit of camo to cover yourself with and then just wait for the perfect opportunity to pick off a few unexpecting players as they think they’ve almost made it to your side.

4. Use a decoy

Not as easy as it sounds (and no I don’t mean ‘volunteer’ a team-mate to run like a headless chicken towards oncoming fire). If you’re stuck in a bunker, consider using something to suggest you’re still there or, better still, half sticking out from behind it. If you have bright jumper or hoodie on you, take it off covertly and leave it sticking out a little or hanging behind a tree or something. With a bit of luck, this could give you the chance to sneak off unseen whilst the other team waste their paintballs on a red herring.

5. Fake commands

Used in movies all the time, simple but effective. Predetermine a few fake commands amongst your team-mate before the game, then use them to baffle your opponents. When they hear “Steve, stay down and watch the fort” whilst two or three player advance forward, they’ll have no idea what your tactics actually are.

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