Top 5 Reasons Why You Want To Play Paintball

by Anna on April 26, 2012

in Bedlamonium

We can name 101 reasons why we love to play paintball; Anna @BedlamPaintball round them up as she gives you the Top 5 reasons why you want to play paintball.

1. You have a reason for possessing/holding an M-16 (a replica.. but at least..)

Most paintball markers are patterned in real life guns; For example, RAP4 T68 M60 Paintball Machine Gun is an exact replica (minus the bullets) of a U.S M60 machine gun. Some are replicas of high-powered Military-issued guns that it’s impossible for any normal citizen to ever possess. So, if you are someone who love the idea of playing with guns but can’t even pass the height requirement of the military, the next best thing you can have are paintball guns that you can either buy in your local paintball shop or order online. A paintball marker is definitely the next best thing you can have from a real life gun. However, do contact your local officials and secure the necessary papers (if there is any) if you plan to travel with it by plane because most countries are quite strict with guns – toys or real.

2. You can play cops and robbers again.. without anyone calling you immature

Let’s face it, boys have this strange fascination with guns that playing cops and robbers have been a part of their childhood. Boys eventually grow up to become men but one thing remains; they will always be children at heart. Of course, if you are a CEO of your company or a respected professional, people will think you are going nuts if you’re playing cops and robbers again with your trusty wood gun. So, people now turn to paintball as this gives them an excuse to relieve ones childhood but in a greater height.


3. You can shoot at people without getting arrested and can even brag about it

bedlam paintballWas there ever a time when shooting somebody is just the only way to relieve stress? Well, of course we are not living in the world of Grand Theft Auto where you can just grab a gun and start shooting at random strangers. In times like this, simply call out your best buds and head to paintball game zone like Bedlam Paintball and shoot your heart out. After that, brag about it without worrying about ending up in jail.


4. You get to exercise while having fun

bedlam paintballStatistics say that many people die due to obesity; it’s either because they eat too much, they lack exercise, or both. Spending countless hours in the gym is boring, so instead of doing that why not have fun and head out to your nearest paintball game zone. With the intense adrenalin rush, and heart pumping thrill of paintball, you get to lose about the same calories that you can lose in a gym; plus the fun, of course.



5. An expensive hobby, you won’t have money left for drugs or alcohol

Funny as it may seem but this is quite true. Though you can go paintballing in a budget, but once you get hooked to it, you start spending some serious money in different paintball equipment. Well, it’s either that or you get hooked in drugs, right? I remember a good friend of mine who uses this as an excuse to his wife for his paintball online purchases. Of course, his wife chooses the lesser evil. 🙂

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