Top 5 Things To Bring To A Paintball Match

by Oliver on November 15, 2011

in Paintball Tactics

So I’ve got a few things that I think everyone should always bring to a paintball game. And this goes universally as well, so whatever your pass time may be, or whatever your favorite sport, this applies as well.

1) Bring a lot of friends – If you want a good paintball game for the day, bring at least 6-7 friends with you. 7 Friends would mean a match of eight people, so four vs four. You can’t go wrong with an even number, either. But trust me on this one, you don’t want a game where you’re only 2 against two. Round will be really short or really long, depending if both teams are really offensive or really defensive. Also it doesn’t really feel like a warzone with only four people now, does it?

2) Bring good mood – If you want to make your match really exciting, be really excited! The better of a mood you’re in, the more fun it will be for everyone. Make your paintball day an exclusivity – meaning treat yourself to it from time to time. Its value will go up and you will feel more excited if you go maybe one or two times a month, rather than going every week. If you’re one of those bad mood people, lighten up for the sake of your friends! Also, it’s freaking paintball!

3) Bring stress – Paintball is a stress reliever, so if you ever have a lot of stress in your life, now’s the time to get rid of it. It’s just like a workout; if you come home from a hard day of work, a workout is the perfect thing to clear your mind. The same goes for paintball. Just pretend your enemy is your boss or your teacher. Enough said.

4) Bring an open mind – If you’re always out to be the leader of your team, forget it. Paintball is a team game, and you should be willing to rotate roles with other players. Everyone has all the roles within himself. So you already know how to be a leader, but you also already know how to be in the offensive or defensive position. Who knows, you might just save the day by staying behind. Give everyone a chance.

5) Bring competitiveness – To say Paintball isn’t a competitive sport would be a complete lie. It’s all about competition! Everyone has that inner winner wannabe, so get yours out or you’re probably not going to win. Now I don’t mean that you should begin to hate the other team. But just use friendly competition to ensure success for yours.

This was my list of what you should definitely bring to a paintball match. If you have any other ideas, leave them below in the comments. Good luck!

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