Types of Paintball Guns

by Anna on March 8, 2012

in Paintball Gear

Paintball guns are designed to shoot paintballs at high speeds using compressed air or CO2. The differences of these are how the gun advances the ball into the barrel, seal it off and release gas into the barrel. Mechanical guns start mechanically while electronic ones need a battery or circuit board to fire.

1. Mechanical guns are types of gun that fires when the pulled trigger releases a bolt which is propelled forward by a spring and pushes the paintball into the barrel. There are also different varieties of mechanical guns ranging from plastic pumps to precision custom guns. Mechanical guns are reliable and require little maintenance. These should be cleaned and oiled after few uses and o-rings should be replaced as needed. Mechanical guns are easy to disassemble and the parts are inexpensive.

Mechanical guns are significantly cheaper than electronic guns and can be readily available at any paintball shop. Setup for this gun is easy and replacement parts are easy to find because different companies use standard size pieces.

Mechanical guns are typically not fast and as accurate as the electric guns. The air that is required to propel the paintball varies and may result in inaccurate shots. Also they are loud and need much pressure to fire than electronic guns, thus getting a few shots per tank of air.

2. Electronic paintball guns fire paintballs using battery powered circuit boards. The circuit boards are programmable so it’s easy to tell the board to fire automatically, use burst firing and use other firing methods. Electronic guns also use regulators to have consistent firing.

Electronic guns are hard to disassemble and may require the instruction manual to do so. Also each kind of electronic gun usually consists of basic cleaning and lubricating. Electronic gun maintenance is hard and must be done by a professional.

Electronic guns are more consistent and more accurate and can fire faster than the mechanical gun. They are also smaller thus being lighter and can be very advantageous compared to its predecessor. Electronic guns can fire at lower pressures and can get more shots per air tank.

Electronic guns cost a lot more than the mechanical gun and are not readily available. They are difficult to repair, usually requiring professional assistance for servicing and upgrades. Electronic guns only used compressed air and must always have a charged battery.

There are some other types of paintball guns that you can use in the game. One may choose to use the mechanical gun for its cost efficiency or the electronic one for professional gaming. And remember a gun is only as good as its user, so having a more expensive gun doesn’t mean you are a good player constant practice is still the key on becoming an expert player.

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