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WARNING: Unmanned Paintball Robomachine Just Launched

Paintball Robot

I’ve covered my fair share of paintball related robots on this blog but, for some reason, they just keep making more ones. At the minute, a quick trawl through YouTube brings up dozens of paintball related bits of gizmo machinery. Maybe it’s just a phase, like vampire movies? Either way, these creations that geeks keep coming up with are usually pretty cool, with this latest one perhaps taking the biscuit.

The idea is quite simple and absolutely timeless: a remote controlled paintball marker on wheels, so you can covertly drive on up to your opponent and get them a cracker from behind. However, the creator – an inventor and ‘roboticist’ called Chris Rogers – plans to take the idea even further.

Here he is chatting through the development process of his Robotic Weapon.

I’m not sure I really get his logic, especially the bit about it saving lives, but he definitely gets extra points for managing to shoehorn a good looking girl into his otherwise purely informative demonstration video.

Normally watching videos like this can be incredibly frustrating, as it shows the sort of awesome technology that could be available if either (a) I was a lot smarter and new how to build stuff or (b) paintball sites started getting creative with their own technological applications. Of course, with machinery like this involved, safety would obviously always be an issue on-site. But, in perhaps a fantasy world for now, how cool would paintball sentry markers be?

However, this particular robot is a little different to most. You don’t have to be smart enough to build your own, in fact you can go onto Chris Rogers’ site and just buy one. Using the innovative business start-up website Kickstarter, Chris is looking for people to invest in his products by buying them, or even just buying the plans and specs so they can build there own.

Good on you Chris, and the very best of luck!