Were Hearts on target when they played Bedlam Paintball?

by michael on April 28, 2011

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Hearts playing Bedlam Edinburgh

When Man Marking and Long Range shots are the Norm………….Go Bedlam

It must be the weather. Last week we had ‘Triple Platinum’ N-Dubz (as they’re now known) playing, then we heard Glasgow troubadour Paolo Nutini wants to come play Bedlam and this week, on Tuesday, we opened our gates to none other than Hearts F.C.

The local team and SPL favourites made the most of the bright sunshine and ideal conditions to visit Bedlam Paintball Edinburgh, and didn’t even seem to mind that some of them had to make do with green hoppers when we ran out of red ones. All-in-all the Jam Tarts were great sports and we’re glad they enjoyed their day at Bedlam: looking forward to having you all back!

Here’s some pictures, see if you can spot your favourite players.

Hearts player in action!

Pre-match briefing for Hearts F.C.

Hearts take aim

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