What to Bring on a Paintball Weekend Part 2

by Anna on June 3, 2012

in Paintball Gear

Here’s a follow up on the last post of Anna @BedlamPaintball about the stuff to bring on a paintball weekend.

what to bring on a paintball weekendLast time I talked about What to Bring on a Paintball Weekend, so the girls and I went on our trip and it was a whole lot of fun.. It went on smooth and perfect because we have all the stuff we need. However, I learned a lot of stuff on this trip. So, I put another list of stuff to bring and not bring on our next paintball trip to make it even more amazing. Check out my list below.

May Want to Take

  • Smoke bombs
  • Paintball grenade
  • Small binoculars
  • Tactical vest
  • Fishing line (for tripwires)
  • Fire crackers (for diversionary tactics) – check with field personnel first
  • Laser perimeter warning device
  • Paintball pistol
  • Megaphone/loudspeaker – very useful
  • Cell phone for emergencies, but leave it in your car
  • If you are under 18 years of age, assign Power of Attorney to someone in your group (get it notarized before you leave home)

Don’t Take

  • Extra paintballs unless for practice only (most events require field paint to be purchased at the event; check with field personnel)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Illegal and mood-altering drugs
  • Firearms (including BB guns)
  • Unauthorized equipment and pyrotechnics
  • Negative attitude (if you have a bad temper or you’re intolerant, a poor sport, a sore loser, a whiner or a complainer, please stay home!)

A Few Final Recommendations

  • Clearly label everything you bring!
  • Organize your gear or you’ll spend half your time looking for stuff. Divide items into separate bags: one with clothes, one with special gear/equipment, one with extras of everything!
  • Don’t bring your best, most expensive marker to a scenario game…it will get beaten up for sure.
  • When you first arrive get oriented and look for landmarks. You don’t want to get lost during the game!
  • Do as much before the game starts as possible: get your gear organized, chronograph your marker, fill your tanks, buy paint balls, etc.

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