What to Bring on a Paintball Weekend

by Anna on June 2, 2012

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Anna @BedlamPaintball gives you a what to bring list if ever you decided to go on a paintball weekend.

what to bring on a paintball weekendMy friends and I are planning to go out of town for a paintball weekend. We are feeling a bit adventurous this time that we decided to camp out instead of staying in a comfy hotel. So, we did a bit of research on what to bring so we won’t miss out anything and have the best paintball weekend ever.

Here are what to Bring on a paintball weekend, grouped by importance.

Must Take

  • Approved paintball mask – Very Important. You will not be allowed to play without it. Most paintball game fields provide these for free or for a fee.
  • Approved barrel plug/sock – You need to have this on at all times when you are out od the field
  • Approved paintball marker – Obviously, you can’t play paintball without it.
  • Approved power source (CO2 or N2)
  • Approved and safe clothing – not too baggy, not too tight. Just enough to protect you but you allows you to still move freely.
  • Insect repellent – You never know what bugs you encounter in the field, especially if you play in the woods.
  • Sun screen – you can get burned even on hazy days
  • Lots of water…bring more than you think you’ll need! Bring several bottles frozen to keep air tanks and paintballs cool and to drink as the water thaws. Running water is not available at some fields and it may taste unpleasant…or not what you’re used to.)
  • Prescription medication (if required)
  • Easy-to-prepare food – stores may not be convenient
  • Cash – credit cards may not be accepted
  • Parental release forms for minors – usually available prior to the event from field personnel
  • Good attitude: sportmanship, a sense of humour, a sense of pride, a desire to win, good judgment, tolerance
  • Medical insurance card

Should Take

  • Lots and lots of spare socks (NOT cotton; take synthetic sports
    socks only) – highly recommended!
  • Spare shoes – if your shoes get wet, you’ll regret not having a second pair!
  • Spare underwear – recommended
  • First aid kit, including moleskin/Elastoplast strips for blisters, Bandaids, isopropyl rubbing alcohol or other antiseptic, analgesic cream, painkillers (like Tylenol, Motrin,
    Aspirin, etc.)
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash – please!
  • Deodorant – highly recommended!
  • For the ladies: personal hygeine items
  • Toilet paper – recommended!
  • Tarp, tent and camping equipment (or make hotel reservations in advance)
  • Warm sleeping bag and pillow, if camping
  • Lanterns/torches for campsite, if camping
  • Grill or stove to cook on, if camping (fuel, too)
  • Dry firewood, if camping
  • Ghillie/camo suit and/or costume/uniform appropriate to the
    scenario game you’re playing
  • Rain gear
  • Spare gun parts(O-rings, springs, etc.)
  • Flashlight (so you can find your way to the toilet at night)
  • Towels, paper towels, clean rags
  • Allen wrenches for velocity adjustment
  • Tools necessary to repair your gun
  • A good digital watch with stop watch feature
  • Squeegee or barrel swab

Nice to Have

  • Spare clothes – you’ll get sweaty, dirty, and possibly wet
  • Spare marker and/or spare barrel
  • At least one additional air tank (keep cold in chest of ice)
  • Paint balls for chrono/target practice (check to see if game is “Field Paint Only” or not)
  • Foldable Table for laying out tools and small pieces of equipment like springs, O-rings, etc. (sturdy TV table or bed tray with solid top and high lip to stop parts from rolling off)
  • Plain white terry towel to lay on your tent floor, picnic table or tailgate – you can see gun parts easily and the terry toweling stops small items from rolling off
  • Field journal to record your experiences
  • Camera – point-and-shoot or digital camera
  • Tarp to cover camp area in the event of rain
  • Duct tape, black electrical tape, Teflon tape
  • Extra car key
  • Handi-wipes, baby wipes – to clean filthy equipment and grubby hands (for smelly underarms and feet,too!)
  • Poweraid, Gatoraid; NOT soda pop – water is all your body really needs; the sugar in soda pop will give you a quick boost, then a serious drop in energy that can cost you the game
  • Batteries
  • Condiments for hot dogs and hamburgers, like ketchup, relish, mustard, cheese, etc. – Skip the sauerkraut and onions…please!
  • Granola bars or high protein meal replacement bars
  • Beef jerky – easier on the stomach than high carb, sugary snacks – also, sugar gives a quick boost, then drops your energy way down!
  • Ready to Eat Meals – easy to prepare, minimal pots and pans to wash
  • Ear plugs
  • Spare glasses – especially if you wear contacts
  • Extra money for medical emergencies, as well as for gas, tolls and food on the way home
  • Spray bottle for water to clean lenses, etc. (or bring your eyeglass cleaning kit)

To make the most of your weekend, come well-rested and properly equipped!

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