What to Wear When Playing Paintball

by Anna on June 6, 2012

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Anna @BedlamPaintball tells you what to wear when playing paintball

what to wear when playing paintballPaintball clothes are as varied as the paintballers themselves, but some suggestions and rules apply at most game fields. After that, no two paintballers will sport the same outfit. You’ll see some occasional paintball players in casual long sleeved shirts, jeans and baseball caps, sporting rented markers. Then you’ll see the pros and die-hards in full camouflage gear, ghillie suits and sniper suits, sporting the fanciest sniper rifles on the market.

1. Ghillie Suits and Sniper Suits
Ghillie suits and sniper suits are similar. They are both camouflage suits that consist of headgear, jacket (or poncho) and pants covered with simulated vegetation made from jute or other similar material. Basically, you look like a walking heap of forest growth. Ghillie-type headgear is especially useful in that it breaks up the outline of the human head. The shape of the human head is not found anywhere else in nature so it is easily recognized by an opposing paintball player… or by a wary deer, for that matter. Since ghillie suit are used by hunters, as well as paintball players, you might try your local sporting goods store. Sniper suits can often be found in military supply stores.

There are several online stores that sell ghillie suits. The only problem with buying online is that you can’t try on the suit to see how it fits or to see how you like one particular style versus another. So, make sure any online store has a good return policy

2. Headgear
Headgear other than goggles and masks consists of ghillie hoods, veils, headwraps, baseball caps and knit caps. Ghillie hoods and veils are used for camouflage to disguise the shape of the human head. Baseball caps, knit caps and head wraps are used to keep the paint out of the player’s hair. Baseball caps worn backwards are also useful to cover the back of the neck.

3. Regular Clothing
Paintball requires a lot of physical energy so players tend to get quite warm when playing. Although sufficient layers of clothing are needed to prevent paintballs from leaving welts, too much clothing can cause overheating of the body. Therefore, a heavy winter jacket should not be worn.

As well, most fields won’t allow a heavy jacket because it prevents the player from feeling the impact of the paintball when they are hit.
The rule for clothing is to wear loose-fitting long pants (not fitted jeans) and a long-sleeved shirt or jersey over a t-shirt, with an added light jacket in cool weather. Although some fields allow t-shirts and short pants to be worn during play, this leaves the skin exposed… and since you WILL get hit… ouch! Not recommended!

Wear clothing that is earth-toned or olive green in color. Do not wear white unless playing in the snow. Avoid the colors referees and judges wear (usually red or orange) and avoid bright colors that you wouldn’t find in nature, like bright yellow, lime green, shocking pink, etc.

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