What type of paintball player are you?

by michael on August 6, 2010

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Darth Vader

So if you play any kind of team sport, you know what it’s like: everyone in the team has their own style, their own quirks, their own way of doing things. Well, this is no different but in paintball, compared to those bland pursuits involving balls and nets, player’s characters really get a chance to shine during the game. From the ‘John Rambo’ to the ‘Dark Shadow’, here are 5 of the most common types of paintball player.

But which one are you?

The John “Danger” Rambo

We mentioned the “JR” sort of player before, and always in the derogatory sense. You know the sort of guy this is. It’s the sort of crazy you never want to be stuck sitting next to on a bus. This guy knows no fear and has little regard for consequence, all he wants to do is shoot stuff.

The name’s Bond but, James Bond but

Cool, confident and usually more than a little well groomed, the 007 of paintball has good and bad qualities. On one hand they’re pretty darn skilled (or really jammy at least), but on the other they’re certainly not a team player. However, if you’re stuck in a tight spot and need some sort of gadget; this is the guy you want on side.

The Brave Two Zero

We’ll reiterate it one more time – it’s just a game. Sure everyone loves dressing up, double-checking their gear and storming out into the game zones, but this isn’t warfare and you’re Nigel from Accounts not Andy McNabb. There’s always one guy who forgets it’s a bit of fun…usually a sore loser too.

The Geek

Do you consider wind speed and direction before firing a paintball? No, us neither. But some people probably do. They also probably have the opposition fully sussed before they even fire a shot. Thankfully these days geeks are taking over the world, so if there’s someone on your team that’s worked out a formula for invading the base, then best just trust his maths and go for it.

The Dark Shadow

Some say this type of player is a myth, a legend, a spook-story used to taunt rookie teams. We’ve never caught one on camera but, every now and then, a player somehow manages to master the ninja art of stealth to such a degree that even their own team-mates haven’t a clue how they just captured that flag.

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