What you need to have in your Paintball toolbox

by Anna on May 27, 2012

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In this article Anna @BedlamPaintball explain what kind of tools, spares, and marker-specific items paintball players should have in their toolbox.

paintball toolboxJust about every paintball marker sold today comes with a tool kit of some sort, the better to adjust your velocity, your trigger pull, and the like.  These are all basic functions for your marker, and the tools provided are just basic.

Basic Tools: 

Your basic tools are tools that work on every marker, and anyone should have in their tool kit.  First and foremost, a good sturdy toolbox is a MUST.  A good toolbox doesn’t have to be expensive but it does have to be of good quality to properly organize, hold and protect your gadgets.  Most discount stores have a more than adequate selection of toolboxes at great prices.

Hex Wrenches: 

Hex wrenches are an absolute requirement for paintball.  Just about every fastener on a paintball marker uses a hex head, rather than the traditional flat and Phillips heads.  You’ll want to buy sets in both Metric and English sizes, since today’s paintball equipment use both, depending on where the marker came from originally. Hex wrenches come in several different configurations, with sets in small folding configurations, to the classic plastic holder holding individual wrenches, to the T-Handle wrench.
A good pair of pliers, preferably slip jaw types with “soft jaws’ are a good thing to have as well.  They come in very handy for breaking a regulator loose from a vertical ASA, or if you have two, for splitting that regulator apart to repair it.  Try and avoid using pliers without soft jaws on anodized parts, as you’ll find out very quickly that soft anodized aluminum will not take kindly to this sort of rough treatment.


A good wrench is absolutely required for removing and replacing air line fittings.  Since macroline fittings fail as they age and start leaking, it’s a fairly regular occurrence that you’ll have to remove and replace them. Using an adjustable wrench on an air line fitting takes a little finesse, because if you don’t close the jaws of the wrench completely around the fitting, you stand a very good chance of rounding off the edges of the fitting and not only raising your frustration levels to new heights, but you’ll make your marker look bad in the process.


It’s a good idea to keep a screwdriver or two around because some people do use fasteners with this style of head to attach parts to their markers, and in a lot of cases small flat head style screws are used to hold boards and microswitches in gripframes and the like.

Advanced Tools for your Paintball toolbox will be discussed on the next chapter of this series.

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