Why Is Paintball So Much Fun?

by Oliver on November 12, 2011

in Paintball Information

Someone came up to me the other day and asked me, why is paintball so much fun? I opened my mouth as if I had the answer…but I didn’t. Then I started thinking. And lo and behold, I did finally come up with an answer, but it wasn’t just one, it was several.

Paintball is a thrill – when you’re in game, in the moment, there is this thrill. It’s called adrenaline. What is adrenaline? You heard it a million times, but what is it? It’s a hormone released in your body whenever you’re in a fight or flight situation. Blood goes from your stomach to your muscles and your body is biologically ready to either hit or run. And paintball is exactly that. It’s fight or flight. Your heart beats a little faster, your attention is on your surroundings, your team and the other team. You have this urge to just win

It’s teamwork baby – working or playing with other people is always a blast. Almost anything can be made fun if you’re with the right people. If you’re playing paintball with a group of friends whom you really like, then it’s so much fun. You work together to strategize, to plan, to move forward, to win.

It’s a childhood dream – to hold a gun, strategize, and start shooting. That’s always been on the top of my to do list. Don’t you ever get that feeling, when you watch a movie like James Bond, you just want to hold a gun and be a secret agent? Or when you see a movie where people are strategizing, moving around, using sign language to talk to each other, don’t you also want to have your secret sign-language that no one else understands? Well paintballing gives you just that. It gives you an opportunity to play out the imagination, to relax and live in the moment, to be a child again.

Being Team leader is awesome – if you work it out so that everyone gets to be team leader at least once, that will ensure for maximum satisfaction. Trust me. Being leader is just awesome. You have a sense of control and authority, which everyone looks for. You get to decide for once. You get to do what you want, and if you think you have the perfect plan, that’s what you’ll do. Even if someone in your group has no leadership skills at all, just for fun let him/her have a go, and if everything goes wrong, it’s a good story to tell.

That’s what I came up with when I thought about why it’s so much fun. If you have anything to chip in, any funny stories or anything that makes paintball so much fun for you, just leave it in the comments.

Now go play some paintball!

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