Why paintball is better than mince pies this Christmas

by michael on October 27, 2010

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Mince Pie

I know Christmas is a long way away yet, and I’m not proud of myself for even mentioning the ‘C’ word, but bear with me. Sure the High Streets and TV ads are already getting uncomfortably full of festive cheers, but it’s usually easy enough to ignore until at least mid-November. However, what’s not easy to ignore is the dreaded invitation to the office Christmas party.

You know the one. They’re usually sent by email, written in comic sans (to make them fun!) and topped with a picture of Santa cut and pasted from clipart. I can’t speak for everyone but I know all of my old Christmas party invites pretty much had the same information on them, year after year:

‘Stop work at 3:30 on Friday, drinks, nibbles, 3-course meal (turkey or nut roast), mince pies, disco.’

The limited menu options aside, this isn’t an affair to look forward to by most people and, for the people that are looking forward to it, they’ll probably wonder why so many people before the karaoke really got going? Anyway, I think I’ve thought of a solution to all this.

The eating part is fine, everyone loves a roast dinner, but it’s the awkward social setting, the small talk and the almost impossible task of trying to remember your colleague’s names that floor most people. So this year, before that invite lands in your inbox, take preventative action and elect yourself as either (a) the Christmas Party Organiser guy or, if there already is a guy with that job (b) the Alternative Christmas Party Organiser guy.

Give us a shout with how many people are involved and we’ll usually be able to give you a whole paintball site just for your office. Forget small talk, forget the cheesy disco and prepare to settle those office grudges on the field. Book a place for dinner afterwards and Bob’s your uncle! Christmas Office Party? Sorted.

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