Woodsball Game Variations

by Anna on March 9, 2012

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Slayer or simply called elimination is a woodsball game type that usually involves two teams competing against each other, but can sometimes involve three or more teams for a free for all competition. Though not really a special game type as slayer type games are also available to speedball.

Slayer games are played like “last man standing” games, as the objectives of the game is to eliminate opposing enemies until a team completely eliminates them. There are other ways to play slayer games with slight modifications such as there are some perks wherein a player that has been marked or eliminated can rejoin the game on special conditions.


Another woodsball game type, this game a team that must keep the enemy out of a given area for defending, and another team must break through the line of defense. In siege games teams are split evenly, one being the attackers and the other as defenders. The defenders take the field first and form a defense formation around the area that they are going to protect. The game’s objective is for the attackers to advance to the enemy’s defenses and get a designated item or rescue a hostage, depending on the agreed rules before the start of the game. The game may also end if the attackers can eliminate all the defending enemies.

Consequently the defending team will win if they have successfully defended their area within a set amount of time, meaning this type of game has a time limit. Also the defending teams may win if they also eliminate all the attackers. Siege games are also called attack and defend games where the attackers have a limited amount of time usually around 30 – 40 minutes to accomplish the game’s objective.

The same as slayer games, siege games may have other variation such as fugitive, vampire, hostage rescue, trophy hunt, etc.


Assault woodsball games are very similar to attack and defend paintball games. In these games the attackers must try to advance and break through the defenses in order to accomplish a type of objective. Objectives of the game may differ depending on what has been agreed upon by both teams, some objectives involve by simply touching a flag or to mark an object inside a case.

There are a lot of varieties of woodsball games that can be played with others. These games will make your paintball experience more fun as you explore and try new methods to play woodsball paintball with your colleagues.

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