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by michael on March 22, 2011

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Paintball World Records

I recently stumbled across a group on Facebook called Paintball World Record, which was aiming to play 24 hours of non-stop paintball in an indoor arena in Bournemouth. The event has passed now, so I’ve no idea if they broke the record, but more importantly: is there an official record to beat?

Well I got looking, determined to find some kind of official-looking list of the world’s greatest paintball achievements and, unfortunately, there just doesn’t seem to be one. However, I did find a good bunch of individually broken records which are totally worth you checking out if you get the chance. The now legendary Dirty Sanchez clip of Pritchard ‘breaking’ the world record for the highest number of paintballs taken on bare skin is a couple of minutes of absolute hilarity. The Dirty Sanchez boys duped one of their own into believing that the current record stood at 102 by a man named Anthony Kelly; so all Pritchard had to do was be shot 103 time from a distance of 5m…whilst naked. But, there was no record to beat apparently.

However, when I checked out the official Guinness Book of Records website (unfortunately all my old annuals are locked up in the attic somewhere) it only had one paintball record listed. I checked it out and, remarkably, it’s for “Most paintballs caught in two minutes – blindfolded “. Now I’m not sure exactly what ‘caught’ means, as the record stands at only 11 – so it cant be referring to the most hits taken. However, the guy’s name is Anthony Kelly…so at least the Sanchez boys were only half lying!
However, the great escapologist Houdini apparently added a dangerous edge to one of his daring escapes by welcoming a team of arms men to fire paintballs at his body whilst he tried to make an escape – apparently over 300 hit him. Ouch,.

There is much debate over what’s the world’s fastest paintball marker, as almost marker can be modified to be a little bit quicker. However, taking a consensus from across various sites, a lot of players seem to agree that it’s the Spyder VS1 – not only in terms of paintball projection, but also in firing speed – this beauty has one quick trigger. Incidentally, the most paintballs fired in a second stands at an alarming 54! We couldn’t find a video of 54 balls actually being fired, but here’s what the marker would look like:

The Longest game of paintball ever played took place in Oklahoma in 2007, with over 3,700 players taking part. As far as the best paintball player goes, that’s obviously a matter of taste and fierce debate! However, Oliver “ Ollie” Lang is generally considered to be one, if not the, best players in the world, after turning pro at 17 and being paid a record-breaking $100,000 to leave San Diego Dynasty for Ironmen in 2006.

There seems to be very little info out there on the longest ever paintball shot fired (accurately) with lots of shoddy YouTube clips trying to take the title. However, I found this one below which at least tries to add a small degree of planning and science to their attempt. Plus 350 feet is pretty darn good for a paintball!

So there you have it, a few records to try and beat hopefully. Best of luck and stay safe whatever you do!

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